Following an extensive period of research and development, Jewel Fire Systems is delighted to announce their E-Series range of portable water mist fire extinguishers.

With built-in E-Plus Pulsator technology, each of the new extinguishers is designed for versatile use against most classes of fire.

Environmentally friendly non-toxic contamination-free hand held fire extinguisher.

jewelExtinguishers are available in 1L, 3L and 6L capacities.

A Jewel spokesman said: "We're delighted to announce what is, by far, the most environmentally friendly mixed-risk fire extinguisher currently on the market.

"This extinguisher uses demineralised water, allowing for the safe and efficient extinguishing of most classes of fire. In all, it's the perfect all-round usage extinguisher for those requiring protection of life, limb and property."

The E-Series comes to the market with full approval by the Loss Prevention Council Board (LPCB), as well as full UKAS product certification.

"We firmly believe that the E-Series offers world-class protection that is fully certified and approved, not just by the official bodies, but by those requiring peace of mind when it comes to fire safety and loss prevention," Jewel added. 

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