Originating in the UK and Europe, the popularity of high-speed folding doors in the U.S. has increased in recent years for those in the public services industries. While these doors can be considerably more expensive than the standard overhead door; they offer alternative benefits that can far outweigh the added expense.

Jewers Doors (UK) have been producing the Swift four-fold door for the fire service for over 30 years, and as explained by Michael Peters, President & CEO of Jewers Doors (US), “The doors move in a horizontal fashion, meaning that the opening you see is the opening you get”. There is no risk of damage to the underside of the door, or more critically the lights and ladders on top of the fire truck, which is often associated with overhead doors as result of exiting prematurely. With the added benefits of speed, opening a 14 foot door in a staggering 5 seconds and reduced maintenance by eliminating torsion springs, cables and side tracks, the door has potential of saving municipalities huge expense over time through the cost of ownership and the avoidance of downtime.


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Until recently, the procurement of these type doors has been difficult, with only a few manufacturers offering a product of this type in the U.S. While this has been beneficial to those early adopters, the laws of supply and demand haven’t helped in the cost of procurement. Mark Jewers, a director of Jewers, commented “Jewers has operated in several major markets around the globe. Since the mid 1980’s we have been providing a robust bi-folding door - the SWIFT.  During this time it has evolved into the modern, safe and highly engineered door it is today, and is sold at a competitive price point to help our clients realize the benefits of this type of door”.

Jewers, in less than 12 months, has quickly established a network of regional distributors and locally authorized installers across the U.S. and is now poised to begin bringing product into the States. Michael Peters added, “We have ensured that product can be delivered to site efficiently and effectively, as well as established ways in which post-installation service and maintenance can be effected through domestically sourced replacement parts.” Jewers Doors (US) have now realised their first project in the Northeast and are currently specified on several other upcoming projects in each of the regions across the country."