Following the recent tragic death of a 14-year-old girl due to carbon monoxide poissoning from barbeque fumes, the charity Carbon Monoxide Awareness have launched a range of new initiatives aimed at raising awareness of "the silent killer".

Carbon Monoxide Awareness President Lynn Griffiths said: "Nobody should ever take a barbecue in doors. To do so is courting disaster, but the public don't seem to be aware of this and sadly there have been a number of tragedies and several near misses in recent years. Please don't let this happen again."

Here are 10 projects the charity are involved include:
1. Offering support to those poisoned by Carbon monoxide (CO) and their families.
2. Merseyside Fire and Rescue CO study.
3. Managed to get the TOXBASE website (used by doctors) updated carbon monoxide wise. 
4. National Camping and Caravanning Carbon Monoxide Awareness Register Group are working with Cornwall Fire and Rescue
5. Carbon Monoxide Awareness Healthcare Group up to 40+ members.
6. Sending out 200,000 copies of award winning CO leaflet.
7. Working with "The College of Emergency Medicine" on a Carbon monoxide poster for all A&E depts.
8. 7th National Carbon monoxide Awareness week starts Monday 19th November 2012.
9. Carbon Monoxide Awareness Victims Group will launch later this year early next year.
10. Carbon Monoxide Awareness Industry Group will launch next year.

Griffiths concluded: "The long term effects of carbon monoxide poisoning are devastating on family life, and can be extremely serious. Those
working within the medical profession, solicitors and school children should all be more aware of this silent killer. Knowledge is the key to carbon monoxide poisoning so please think carbon monoxide - there is still so much more to do."

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