ESCThe dangers of overloaded sockets and overheating of electrical appliances is being highlighted by South Wales Fire & Rescue as part of Electrical Fire Safety Week [Sept 23–28].

Firefighters along with their partners in the Electrical Safety Council want to raise awareness of one of the biggest causes of accidental house fires in the country.

Electrical appliances have become a staple of modern life - from fridges and phones to toasters or the TV; it's hard to think of how we'd get by without a few electrically-powered essentials. And with the recent cold weather, many sockets could still be loaded with heaters and electric blankets.

However, last year, there were 188 fires in dwellings that involved electricity. Faulty equipment or appliances caused 114 fires in dwellings, with 14 caused by faulty leads and the remaining 60 fires were related to the electricity supply.

Chief Fire Officer, Huw Jakeway, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said “Electricity is often overlooked as a fire hazard, perhaps because there is no flame but just because there is no flame, doesn’t mean there’s no risk - Never underestimate the risk of fire from electricity.”

In support of Electrical Fire Safety week and its messages the Service will be taking to the road with their Electrical Safety ‘roadshow’.
Locations of where the ‘roadshow’ will be taken was chosen using sophisticated techniques and statistics to establish those persons and those areas most at risk of having a electrical fire in the home.
During each day of the roadshow (10am to 3pm) SWFRS personnel will be giving the public electrical and wider fire and road safety advice as well as giving away free trolley coins, educational leaflets, bags, balloons, and fridge magnets. In addition to this, there will also be a free give away of 3m extension leads during ‘happy hours’.