kent byrnes 180Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) has adopted a different approach to its spring safety campaign messages for 2015, using research findings to highlight the risks about electrical safety and the dangers to children through its 'Byrnes family'.

During April and May, KFRS is focusing on family safety and encouraging people to think about protecting those they love the most by using a cartoon family to help get the safety messages across in a family friendly and thought provoking way.

Head of Community Safety at KFRS, Lee Rose said: "The Byrnes are an average family who live somewhere in the county. Like so many other families across Kent and Medway, the Byrnes family is made up of individuals who go about their daily lives; be it at school, work or at home. Every member of the family will be helping KFRS explain some of the pitfalls of modern living. Sometimes they will get themselves into situations that could be very dangerous. They will be trying to help us all avoid making similar mistakes.

"The safety messages they will be helping us deliver all aim to; ‘keep the family safe, protecting those we love the most’."

Kent FRS and the Byrnes family will be helping to explain the associated risks around: water safety, road safety, DIY safety, BBQ safety, bonfire safety and fire loading.

Rose added: "We want people to have fun - but to be safe. We’re encouraging people to take the time to think about safety and the risks involved in all activities, find out if they can make a few small changes which will ensure they have fun in the sun without putting themselves and their family at risk. With that in mind our message is clear – ‘Let the Byrnes make the mistakes, so you don’t!’"

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