Kent Fire and Rescue Service has been presented with a prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for its innovative road safety project ‘Biker Down’.

The pioneering motorcycle safety course, launched in August 2011, was devised by KFRS’s Fire Bike team and is the first of its kind to be delivered by firefighters.

The award was formally presented to KFRSs Chief Executive Ann Millington and the team at Ashford Fire Station by Karen Cole, Director of Safety for the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) after being announced at the Annual Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards Ceremony over the New Year.

Ms. Cole said: “Biker Down is a marvellous initiative which can only help to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries by helping motorcyclists  to assist others in the event of an accident. As a motorcyclist myself, I am delighted to present this award and would like thank everyone involved in this worthwhile scheme on behalf of the motorcycle industry.”

The aim of the course is to help reduce injuries and fatalities from motorcycle accidents and the team works alongside KFRS Emergency Life Support Instructors, KFRS volunteers and trainers from bike safety organisation, Survival Skills Advanced Motorcycle Trainers.

Watch a video from one of the classes here:

Designed for motorcyclists of all ages and experience, the free course offers the chance to learn what to do should they find themselves first at the scene of a motorcycle accident,

essential first-aid advice to assist any casualty and theoretical input on how to avoid being involved in a collision.

Firefighter Jim Sanderson, from KFRS’s Fire Bike team explained: “Many bikers travel in groups or pairs and in the event of an accident it is often a fellow biker who is first on the scene, so the care of a downed rider is uppermost in their mind. Our team, which includes a group of dedicated volunteers, offers people guidance in essential life-saving skills and scene management to help them cope should they encounter or become involved in a road traffic collision.”

Demand for the scheme has been high, and KFRS has been able to offer it to a wide number of motorcycle clubs and groups, as well as individuals, while a number of other FRS around the country have also spoken to Kent about launching their own road safety teams.

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