Though firefighters took up their posts there a couple of weeks ago, on Thursday 26th April at 11am the new fire station in Blackburn will have its official opening ceremony. The last time Blackburn firefighters invited guests to celebrate the opening of their 'new' fire station was in May 1922, but 90 years on history repeats itself.

The work of today's firefighters is more complex and demanding than ever before however, with a greater capacity to save life, property and protect the environment in emergency situations that could not have been envisaged all those years ago. Another departure from history is that their fire prevention and community safety work takes them into the community on a comprehensive programme of home fire safety check visits, teaching fire safety in schools and helping police and road safety specialists drive home essential road safety messages for young road users.

It is useful though to have the option to bring the community in to the fire station and the Blackburn Community Fire Station has been designed to enable that to happen. Giving vital training to carers on how to identify fire hazards in the homes of those they care for or a seminar for agencies joining forces to combat arson are examples of activities that can now take place here rather than elsewhere. 

Peter Holland, Chief Fire Officer for Lancashire says: "It is immensely satisfying to reflect on what will be accomplished here at Blackburn's new Community Fire Station, a resource that will surely enhance the work of the people here to continue to reduce fire deaths and injuries, go on providing the outstanding emergency response that they do and within the framework of a comprehensive range of initiatives and partnerships make a profound contribution to the welfare of the community they serve, as they have always done.   

"One very important element of their work has been The Prince's Trust Programme, which the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service has been the lead agency for in Lancashire for a number of years now. Through it, they are able to work directly with young people to change attitudes, generating a positive response from them to the Fire and Rescue Service's key values of team work, discipline and determination to get a job done. 

"I am pleased to see that so many of the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service's partnership organisations and individuals, including young people who have taken part in The Prince's Trust Programme, will be there on the 26th and very much look forward to joining them to celebrate the opening of Blackburn's Community Fire Station.

"It truly is a marvellous community resource and I would like to thank our project partners and all the individuals and organisations responsible for bringing the project to such a successful conclusion."


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