Police officers, paramedics and firefighters from Lancashire will feature in a new television documentary called 999: What's Your Emergency? 

Launching on Monday September 10 on Channel 4, the ten episode series, according to a statement, showcases the bravery and expertise of the emergency services in Blackpool.

Filming began in October 2011 for an eight month period and the show will feature incidents such as antisocial behaviour, drug and alcohol fuelled incidents and a fire fatality.

The show has been commissioned by Channel 4 and has been filmed by Blast! Films who recently produced other documentaries broadcast on Channel 4 such as Coppers.

Chief Superintendent Richard Debicki is Divisional Commander for Western Division which covers Blackpool and the Fylde. He said: "We made the decision to become involved in this series alongside the Fire and Ambulance services to highlight the excellent work

our staff are involved in on a day-to-day basis.

"Whilst it is obviously based in Blackpool, the challenges we face are the same the length and breadth of the country and are in no way unique to Blackpool."

He continued: "Some issues of concern will be highlighted, such as drugs and alcohol abuse, and these do affect a small proportion of the population of Blackpool. However, we must remember whilst the gritty reality is often shocking when seen on TV, the local authority and other partners have done some fantastic work over the years to address some of the issues and this is reflected in the falling crime rates in the town."

"We have a tough job collectively and the series will show how the emergency services deal with some difficult situations in an extremely professional manner. By shining a light on what we do we hope that the public in particular can understand the challenges we face in order to keep them safe from harm. It also will show that police officers are human too!"