Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service's sickness absence reached a record low in the last year ending in March 2012 with the sickness absence on average for each member of staff being under four.

The Service has set itself an annual target of less than five days on average for each member of staff for the last four years and has been recognised through the national audit programme as being the highest performing fire service in England and Wales with the lowest level of sickness absence.

Bob Warren, Director of People and Development said: "These continuously good results show the high level of commitment of our staff to attending work and highlight the overall efficiency of the Service.

"The results have been achieved by excellent teamwork and good line management, whilst our Human Resources and Occupational Health departments have played an important role in providing early support to staff who require assistance, ensuring that they can return to work as quickly as possible."

In addition to achieving the annual target, nearly 60% of Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service employees did not have a day's sickness in the last year.

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