lancsLancashire Fire and Rescue Service has revealed it has managed to drive down the number of fires and fire deaths in the area to the lowest levels ever recorded.

LFRS annual review shows there were 29% less accidental fires in people’s homes, 60% less arson fires and 57% the number of people being killed or injured in fires than five years ago.

Comprehensive & highly effective fire safety
Chief Fire Officer Chris Kenny attributed the success to the hard work of both operational and community fire safety staff, often working in partnership with other agencies, including local authorities and the voluntary sector.

"We have comprehensive and highly effective fire safety strategies in place, such as our Home Fire Safety Check visit programme and the insights we get into fire risks in communities by working closely with them to identify those most at risk of fires and targeting resources accordingly," he said.

"Over a period of five years 280,000 households have benefited from Home Fire Safety Check visits in terms of the reduction in the likelihood of their having a fire, or escaping without injury if one does occur.

Testament to hard work of staff
CFO Kenny continued: "Clearly, there is good reason to be delighted by the impact our fire safety work is having, a testament to the hard work and dedication to public safety of our staff and of those in the partnership agencies which support us.

"It must be remembered too that these fine results have been achieved in the context of the difficult financial challenges facing the Service as a result of the restrictions placed on public spending."

Full statistics:

Accidental Dwelling fire casualties

Accidental Dwelling fires

Deliberate Primary Fires

Deliberate Secondary Fires











Percentage change 2007/08 to 2012/13