Road traffic incidents in County Limerick have dropped for the fifth year running to a level one-third less than in 2007.

A drill exercise aimed at improving the response of Limerick's emergency services to road traffic incidents took place at Aughinish last week [14 June], to further support this improvement.

The interservice initiative featured staff from Limerick Co. FRS, National Ambulance Service and Mid-West GP Training Scheme.

The exercise also saw the involvement of the new HSE Air Ambulance Service, which is operated by the Irish Aer Corps and has a crew of two pilots and one HSE Advanced Paramedic.

"The primary aim of this collaborative exercise was to enhance interservice co-operation between responders at road traffic accidents," explained Ken Crowley, Senior Assistant Chief Fire Officer.

"The simulated emergency helped to challenge and further enhance the reaction of the emergency services to road traffic incidents. A collaborative working relationship among the emergency services is critical to ensuring that all emergency situations are dealt with in an appropriate and efficient manner."

Meanwhile, Limerick County Fire and Rescue Service has reported a significant decrease in the number of road traffic incidents recorded in Limerick.  The number of road traffic incidents in County Limerick dropped by 36% between 2007 and 2011 as follows:

  • 2007 (223)
  • 2008 (216)
  • 2009 (187)
  • 2010 (177)
  • 2011 (143)

Crowley noted that a considerable amount of work is being carried by the Emergency Services to further enhance fire and road safety awareness, and that the effectiveness of the schemes were reflected in the relevant figures for the five-year period. 

He concluded: "Whilst the emergency services are continuing to focus on further improving their response to emergency incidents, these figures are extremely encouraging and point to increased road safety awareness amongst members of the public."

Posted 15/06/2012 by (photo courtesy Dunphy PR)