Responding to the government's response to the consultation on the future of fire and rescue control services, Cllr Brian Coleman, Chairman of the Local Government Association's Fire Services Management Committee, said: "Fire and rescue services devoted a lot of resources working with Government on FiReControl. Although there remained fundamental problems with the infrastructure of the project, there are elements which are of value to the service. In the interests of the taxpayer it's vital these investments are not wasted and authorities can now consider how the equipment can best be used.

"We've long been calling on Government to end the uncertainty about what would replace FiReControl and to let fire authorities make decisions about what they need locally. It's good news Bob Neill has finally set out its proposals. This £81 million should go a long way to ensuring authorities can build resilience by putting together alternative upgrades, and it's cash which will stretch even further where they combine efforts to find savings.
"Fire authorities know best the needs of the people they serve and protect.  The sector is determined to use political and professional leadership to ensure that we salvage as much as possible from the FiReControl project and we are confident that, once in place, the nation will be better protected."


Posted: 7/7/11,