Councillor Brian Coleman has commented on negative coverage of the Fire and Rescue Service on the recent BBCs Radio 4 documentary Face the Facts. The controversial programme claimed that recent Fire and Rescue Service history has seen a litany of financially wasteful projects, focussing specifically on Firebuy and FiReControl.

Councillor Coleman, Chairman and Leader of London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority said: "We told the previous government that regional control centres would be a waste of money and we have been proved right. The taxpayer is now paying for disused buildings which have lavish specifications include a £25,000 coffee machine.

"London's Fire Authority is in discussions about how we can use the proposed building in Merton but only if the price is right for Londoners. The decision on how this national project is taken forward needs to be made soon."

The documentary included interviews with MP John McDonnell, Chief Fire Officer John Bonney and Chief Fire Officer Kenny Taylor amongst others. It is available to listen to here: