During Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, London Fire Brigade urged people to invest in a carbon monoxide detector as well as a smoke alarm for their homes.


The Brigade was called to 30 incidents involving carbon monoxide last year - one of them a fatality and four where people had to be treated for the effects of this near-undetectable gas.


London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority member Cllr Darren Johnson said: "Since 2003 London Fire Brigade has fitted around 275,000 smoke alarms to help ensure Londoners have early warning if fire breaks out in their home. To protect themselves further we would also urge people to invest in a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, with least 50 deaths nationally recorded every year as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. Despite this, the majority of people still do not have a carbon monoxide detector in their home.


"We would also advise people to make sure that their gas heating systems are fitted, serviced and maintained by a Gas Safe Registered engineer."

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be caused by inhaling fumes from fuel burning appliances and flues that are not properly installed or maintained or that are poorly ventilated. Symptoms include mild headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and fatigue.


To find out more about the dangers of carbon monoxide and how you can protect yourself from them visit the CO-Awareness website at www.covictim.org .