A report has revealed that London Fire Brigade has smashed its own carbon reduction goals and is now setting even more challenging targets to reach before 2015, exceeding those proposed by the Mayor of London. 

The Brigade originally aimed to slash carbon emissions by 20 per cent by 2012 from 1990 levels, but figures presented to a Fire Authority committee show that this has been achieved 18 months early. Now the Authority has urged London Fire Brigade to beat the Mayor's 22 per cent target and aim for a 25 per cent reduction over the next five years.   

The Committee also approved 10 fire stations to take part in the 10:10 campaign which makes a commitment to reduce carbon emissions at the buildings by 10 per cent by the end of 2011.  

London Fire Brigade's green projects are not only protecting the environment but are also saving London's taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds every year. Initiatives and technology put in place by the Brigade have led to savings of £260,000 this year alone - the equivalent of the cost of 41,000 smoke alarms, and over £1 million since the Brigade started focussing on the need to be greener. 

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London said: "Hats off to the London Fire Brigade for reducing their carbon emissions ahead of schedule. They have saved £260,000 of taxpayers' money this year alone by cutting CO2, showing it pays to be cleaner and greener." 

Chairman and Leader of London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority Councillor Brian Coleman AM, FRSA, said: "This Authority is years ahead of other organisations in recognising how lower carbon emissions can save the taxpayers' hard earned money.  

Our greener fire stations and fire engines are more efficient than ever and we will continue to cut out waste wherever we can."