London Fire Brigade has responded to the London Assembly report on fire safety in residential buildings. Chairman and Leader of London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority Cllr Brian Coleman said: "The recommendations reinforce changes we have been calling for in the building construction industry to reduce fires. Fire brigades should of course be told when timber-framed buildings are being constructed given the higher fire risk they present, and the recommendation for improved security at construction phase is a no brainer."

"We also recommended in our submission to the committee that fire risk assessors should have official standards. This has been taken on board and I look forward to us being consulted on how the national guidance will be formed."

Amongst other things, the report calls for an increase in regulation at the building stage, looking in particular at the need for local authorities to demand either sprinklers or fire suppressant systems at the construction stage.

Councillor Coleman moved an assembly motion in January 2010 for the London Assembly to set up scrutiny investigation into issues around fire safety in buildings, with a particular focus on timber frame structures and tall buildings. He also motioned that recommendations be made to the Mayor of London with regards to the London Plan, and to the government with regard to building regulations.


Posted 22 December 2010