London fire commissioner Ron Dobson told delegates at today's [24 Oct] Fire Sector Summit that fire safety is now integrated into the construction of all of the capital's icon landmarks, including the one he was speaking from.

Wembley Stadium plays host to second running of the summit, which focuses on 'the changing face of Britain's built environment'.

The Commissioner said that the fire service now played a bigger role in determining how major buildings are put up, pointing to his team's heavy involvement in the Shard.

Commissioner Dobson was among key fire sector leaders speaking at the conference, including new Fire Minister Brandon Lewis and CFOA vice-president Paul Fuller while the BBC's John Humphrys is currently chairing a panel debate also featuring FBU general secretary Matt Wrack.

In other sessions, Rockwool UK director Andy Corless warned that while the "Green Deal scheme is welcome, risk in homes and tower blocks could grow from external wall insulation refurbs".

He added: "Many householders still do not understand the role that insulation plays in reducing the spread of fire in buildings. It plays a critical role in creating a flame-resistant envelope within the structure.

The forthcoming Green Deal initiative will provide much needed help for homeowners improving their homes, but theimplications for fire safety should not be forgotten in the drive for lower carbon emission."

Finally, Chris Hanks from AllianzCommercial gave hard hitting message to fire sector on need for control of fire losses as he told delegates: "Despite improvements in insurance products and services through the past centuries, our core aim remains the same: protecting our customers.

"The insurance industry is working hard to understand new developments in building methods, trading practices and industrial processes, so we can advise our customers on appropriate risk management. But if we fail to control fire losses, insurers will exit the market or start to become tougher on the risks they will accept - a future we do not want to see."

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