Firework in letterboxSince launching MailGUARD letterbox security products, six years ago the products customer base has gone from strength to strength. MailGUARD & MailGUARD+Plus Letterbox Security Products are now used by over 70 Police and Fire Services throughout the UK, in helping to protect against Arson Attack / Anti-Social Behaviour.

The products use has grown through the confidence after being put through thorough testing by Fire & Rescue Services around the country, as there is no official BS Standard for this type of product, which is why Steve Burge is pleased to announce that on 16th November Prestige Products received the coveted Secured by Design (SBD) Award for the MailGUARD & MailGUARD+Plus products. These are the only products of their type, to carry the SBD accreditation.

Petrol letterboxSecured by Design is the initiative owned by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) which aims to help reduce crime through effective environmental design. The scheme also calls for the installation of security products that meet police-approved standards, where products have been certified by an accredited testing body (In this case Exova Warrington) to the specified standards.

Steve is sure that with this accreditation from SBD that it will give those Police, Fire & Rescue Services, Councils and other Government bodies i.e. Housing Associations, the fullest of confidence that the product is up to the standards and quality of what is a first-class product that has been designed to help protect and at best, help to save life!!

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