The Midlands Air Ambulance Charity (MAAC) operates and funds three air ambulances, covering six counties in the Midlands to deliver advanced care to 4,500 patients every year. The charity’s mission is to provide patients with outstanding pre-hospital care and life-saving intervention through the operation of helicopter-led emergency medical services.

Neal pioneered Aico’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative with a core focus on supporting both local and national educational and charitable organisations. The importance of giving back to the local area was the driving force behind Neal’s application for the position, as well as to provide senior support and participate in the charity’s initiatives and activities.

Neal comments, “| am fortunate that Aico is in a very strong position, and we have a very proactive and passionate team, who, like me, want to give back to good causes in our area. As | work in the home safety industry, through fire and carbon monoxide products and testing, there is great synergy between our two organisations; the protection of life.”

As a Trustee, Neal’s role will include offering strategic direction to the charity and contributing to its goals. He will also have an important role within the charity’s fundraising committee.

Neal says of his recent appointment, “As a company director since the age of 27, I have learnt a great deal about business strategy, how to maximise opportunities and mitigate threats. While MAAC is a charity, I was pleased to see it is run like a business; adhering to good governance, being responsible with outgoing spend, while not compromising its core purpose of excellent patient care and building long-lasting relationships with its supporters, donors, volunteers and patients.” He continues “While joining in the charity's 30th anniversary year, I am keen to build on these qualities, helping to ensure the charity remains in the hearts and minds of supporters for a further 30 years, and more!”

Along with most UK charities, MAAC has been affected by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in regard to volunteering and fundraising activities.

Neal comments, “With furlough coming to an end later this year, and the likely cuts to Government spending, now more than ever we must continue to raise our profile, highlighting the vital need for our service to remain operational. No one ever expects to need the support of our critical care paramedics and doctors, but sadly 4,500 of us do each year. For this to happen, we require continued support.”

As one of the busiest Air Ambulance Services in the UK, MAAC relies on support and donations from across the six counties to continue their critical, life-saving work. The charity’s new airbase and headquarters, which will be completed in September 2022, will allow the teams to come together under one roof, and the new clinical training suite will provide the perfect platform for the team to further practice their skills in a highly pressurised environment.

To find out more about the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity and how you can show your support, please visit: www