Older people fireStaff at the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service are swapping skills with a stroke awareness charity to increase knowledge about the most vulnerable people in our communities in a bid to make them safer.

GMFRS has teamed up with the Stroke Association in the North West, to help improve the health and well-being of vulnerable adults in Greater Manchester and raise awareness of the work of both organisations.

Working in collaboration, the two organisations have established an agreement to promote referrals for Safe and Well Visits from GMFRS and support from the Stroke Association’s Life After Stroke Services in Manchester. The partnership also aims to increase fire safety awareness amongst people living with stroke in Greater Manchester, as well as stroke awareness amongst GMFRS staff.

Over the next 12 months, GMFRS will deliver fire safety awareness training to Stroke Association staff and volunteers, refer people in the community to the Stroke Association, promote the Stroke Association’s work and campaigns to the local community, and potentially provide meeting rooms and venues for staff. In return, the Stroke Association will deliver face to face stroke awareness training, refer individuals to GMFRS for Safe and Well Visits, as well as promote their vital work and campaigns.

The initiative has been developed by Andy Pownall from GMFRS and Chris Larkin from the Stroke Association.

When speaking to Andy he said: “It’s fantastic to be able to share knowledge with our partners at the Stroke Association. The results are mutually beneficial for both organisations and it’s envisaged that the benefits in terms of care and support we’re able to offer the residents of Greater Manchester will be huge.

“Our aim and priority has always been to support our communities in the Manchester area and this partnership is another example of the work we carry out to do that.”