As vehicles get stronger and the amount of reinforcement increases, are we fully confident that the rescue tools in our hand will perform when they are required? A recent test of Holmatro NCTTM II tools on brand new NCAP 5* vehicles proved that they met the challenge and triumphed with power to spare.

New Car Technology in vehicles sets increasingly higher demands on rescue tools. Holmatro specifically developed the NCTTM II hydraulic cutter range to deal with high-strength materials and reinforced constructions used in modern cars. Extensive cutting tests on the latest car models show that power alone is not enough. The best cutting performance is achieved by:
- Advanced blade design
- Intelligent construction
- More hydraulic cutting force

Blade design  

The revolutionary NCTTM II blades have a huge opening, enabling them to surround the wide and deep A-, B- and C-pillars of modern cars with ease. These U-shaped blades automatically pull the material into the cutter's recess, where the cutting force is at its maximum. This results in superior cutting performance, allowing rescuers to access modern cars faster and easier.

Flat central bolt construction  

The construction of a tool is essential for achieving its optimum cutting performance. The new central i-Bolt on NCTTM II cutters squeezes the blades together more tightly, resulting in minimum blade separation and improved cutting performance. The much flatter design of the i-Bolt also provides better access in narrow spaces.

Power to spare  

Holmatro cutters specifically designed for NCT use less than 50% (360 bar) of the available capacity (max 720 bar) when cutting new cars, and less than 30% when used on older vehicles. The excessive power in these tools offers rescuers plenty of reserve for the future. Through the use of innovative materials the tools are also ergonomic and easy to work with.

The latest test on new car models once again proved that although vehicles are getting stronger, Holmatro NCTTM II technology is still far ahead, dealing with all types of cutting and spreading techniques that are popular today.

Watch the NCTTM II cutter CU 4055 C in action:

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