Essential information on the impact of weather during an emergency has been developed by the Met Office with its Hazard Manager service.

Hazard Manager is designed to help the emergency community and authorities prepare for and respond to weather-related incidents. According to a Met Office spokesperson, the service draws together specialist and expert advice from across the Met Office and provides a one-stop source for information.

The service is co-ordinated through the Met Office's team of Public Weather Service (PWS) Advisors who are based around the UK and who can be called upon to provide advice at a strategic command and control centre.

Limited to the Emergency Response community through the development of its new Hazard Manager web portal, access requires using a single username and password.

The services currently available on Hazard Manager are:

  • Flood Forecasting Centre with Extreme Rainfall Alert updates (England and Wales only)
  • Interactive Map Viewer with weather information
  • National Severe Weather Warning Service
  • Event Specific Information
  • FireMet and CHEMET (see photo) services (for approved subscribers).

Hazard Manager is designed to supplement the role of the PWS Advisors in providing consistent weather-related information and interpretation for the UK Emergency Response community.