The Fire Brigades Union says it is concerned over misleading claims about compensation payments to retained firefighters. Some of the reported details - that the payments are £700 to each retained firefighter - is certainly wrong, says the union.
The payments, which have still not been finalised, are a result of a landmark legal case taken to the House of Lords by the Fire Brigades Union, which was won in 2006. It was known as the 'Mathews' case, after the Kent firefighter and FBU member who was the leading test case.
The payments are still being finalised nationally, with the starting point being £150 and only in some cases rising to £700, says the union. FBU Regional secretary Adrian Clarke said: "The claims being made about these compensation payments are wrong and will mislead retained firefighters and the public. This is the result of a long-running legal battle won by the FBU at the House of Lords in 2006 and then at a later tribunal.
"The figure of around £700 is wrong. The range of compensation payments start at £150 and in some cases may rise to £700, but not every current retained firefighter is entitled to the payments.
"Each individual payment is being calculated on a case by case basis. Fire authorities are setting aside money to pay compensation for their previous unlawful actions but the actual cost will not be known until the calculations are finished."


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