sirkenFiremark Education and G2G3 have launched a new interactive tool aimed at making it easier for landlords and tenants to understand risk from fire, risk mitigation options, fire detection and fire alarms.

The application was launched at the House of Commons in late October at an event hosted by Ian Liddell-Grainger, MP for Bridgwater and West Somerset.

Sir Ken Knight (pictured), technical and professional adviser for Firemark Education, said: "This new application will help to transform fire safety for landlords and tenants. Working with G2G3, we’ve designed a tool for fire services all over the country to add to their education programmes and ensure that key fire safety messaging is shared with the whole private rented sector."

Part of a national fire safety programme, the new tool has been launched in partnership with the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA). Working together, Firemark Education and G2G3 will work to promote the tool, helping to reduce fire losses and significantly enhance fire safety awareness.

Firemark Education is a national education programme for landlords and tenants, launched in December 2013 to ensure that those in the private rented sector have an increased awareness of fire protection legislation and their responsibilities.

G2G3, Capita’s human-centred technology consultancy, has worked with Firemark over the last year to design and build the new tool. Each participant is taken through a basic risk assessment, which they complete by identifying hazards, understanding the consequences of fire risk and identifying the remedial action required.

Participants are guided through this process using a range of realistic examples. The tool allows local fire and rescue services to simultaneously increase awareness of fire safety and assess knowledge levels.

Councillor Mark Healey, chair of the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service added: “The launch of this app marks months of hard work for Firemark Education and G2G3 – and we’re thrilled at the result. Fire safety training is vital – and this will ensure that landlords and tenants have the knowledge they need to reduce risks and keep themselves safe.”

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