learntodrive1More than 60 Hertfordshire driving instructors are set to receive new teaching resources to help them educate young drivers about safer driving as part of joint campaign from the county's fire and police services.

Herts FRS work alongside Hertfordshire Police and county council road safety experts as part of the Hertfordshire Road Safety Partnership. The Honest Truth was originally developed in Devon in 2009 and is now being brought to Hertfordshire.

The new resources for instructors include an information booklet, website, in-car ‘Message of the Day’ prompt cards, leaflets for students and parents, and sets of posters. Together these are designed to tell students ‘The Honest Truth’ about safer driving, encouraging them to make small changes to their habits to help save lives.

The campaign has been developed alongside instructors and young drivers, and features animal-human hybrids representing eight issues which contribute to serious or fatal crashes and their consequences. These are speed, drink, drugs, seatbelts, mobile phones, distractions, showing off and improper insurance. Each animal is linked to the topic - for example a cheetah for ‘speed’ - with students asked ‘Which one are you?’

Each topic is supported with statistics, real life stories and key messages as part of the Instructor’s Resource Pack, helping driving instructors teach their students how to reduce their risk of accidents on the road.

Terry Douris, Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “We’re really excited to be launching this campaign in Hertfordshire and it’s great that so many driving instructors have already signed up. New drivers are at much higher risk of being involved in a serious accident, which is why we’re keen to work with driving instructors to make sure young people understand the risks.

“Small changes really can make a big difference, and it’s that message that’s at the heart of The Honest Truth. Hopefully this initiative will make a real difference and help us reduce the number of people killed and injured on Hertfordshire’s roads.”

Find out more about the programme at www.thehonesttruth.co.uk.