Carbon monoxide alarmThe Chief Fire Officers Association has welcomed the launch of a Government review of the Engergy Act that they believe could save dozens of lives every year.

The Act, which was given Royal Assent in December, includes an amendment which could see new powers introduced to make it a legal requirement for landlords to fit smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors in all private rented homes.

Mark Cashin, Chair of the CFOA Home Safety Committee, said: "While there is still some work to do, the start of the review process is excellent news for all of us dedicated to improving the safety of our communities.

"Death and injuries from fires have reduced considerably in recent years as a result of better housing conditions and the major fire safety campaigns carried out by fire and rescue services across the country.

"Making it a legal requirement for all landlords to fit smoke alarms will improve the safety of hundreds of families and stop dozens of people from losing their lives to fire each year."

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While the Act gives the Government the powers to require safety equipment to be fitted, it is carrying out a review of the evidence, technical issues and related legislation before making a final decision.

The Government began the review process by launching a discussion paper, to determine whether or not the proposed changes have widespread support.

DCFO Cashin's Cheshire service have been campaigning for this legislation to be introduced for over two years and will be presenting evidence and research as part of the review.  The campaign is also one of the six key objectives set out in CFOA’s National Home Safety Committee.

The closing date for responses to the review is 21 March 2014. Smoke alarms and tenant safety are covered in Section 4 of the report and by questions 15-18. To give your views go to: