ife latitudeLatitude Festival first came to Suffolk in 2006 and has steadily grown since that time to become an extremely popular annual Music and Arts Festival which is high on many peoples national festival calendar.

In 2014, 35000 people attendws the event between Thursday 17 and Monday 21 July, comprising of both weekend campers and day visitors. Up to 10000 staff, performers and traders are also involved in the event transforming the normally tranquil Suffolk estate bustling mini village for the duration of the event.

The site itself is in excess of 250 acres and is subject to an intense 3 week build period to prepare for the event, also providing many employment opportunities to the local community.

A group from the Norfolk and Suffolk (No5) Branch visited the site on Friday 18 July and viewed all areas including Security and Fire Main Control, the onsite first response Fire Station, Glamping and Camping areas and the Main Arena. This included all stages, structures, marquees and trade stands. A presentation was also given of the role played by Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service and all related fire and safety measures applied to the event.

Thanks are passed to Festival Republic for accommodating the group at an extremely busy time during the operation.

The Branch is actively seeking to increase local membership and the current fee is £5.00 per annum, applicants must also be National IFE members. For more information speak to Branch President, Carl Francis carl.francis@suffolk.gov.uk, Branch Secretary, Simon Hewitt simon.hewitt@suffolk.gov.uk or Branch Membership Secretary, Paul Field paul.field2@suffolk.gov.uk  or one of the local committee members.