CaddickPupils at two North Yorkshire Primary Schools were taught about the importance of fire safety, as part of an information exercise around the construction of a new fire station.

Pupils at Fishergate and St Georges Primary Schools in York were told about fire safety and safety on a construction site as part of the awareness day. Pupils learnt about the protective clothes fireman wear, as well as the need for construction workers to wear hard hats and high-visibility clothing to stay safe.

Work started on the new fire station – which is local to both schools – in June this year. The new station will be a considerable upgrade on the current Clifford Street based facilities, and will include space for a crewed fire engine and rescue boat, a fire safety office and a community room which will be available to members of the public. The new fire station is being built by Caddick Construction, and they supported the information day by providing an expert on construction site safety to talk to the children about the dangers of building work. The new fire station is expected to be completed early next year.

Safety on & around sites
Ben Pavis, Community Safety Officer at North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, said: “We wanted to take this opportunity to teach pupils close to the site of the new station about safety on or around building sites, especially as schools have now broken up for the summer break. The pupils from both schools were fantastic and really enjoyed the day.”

Debbie Watson, Business Development Manager at Caddick Construction, said: “All of the pupils from both schools were brilliant and they learnt a lot from the talks. We wanted to get across to them the importance of safety not just on a building site but also basic fire safety when they are home.”

Andy Herbert, headteacher at Fishergate Primary School, said: “I would like to thank the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and Caddick Construction for coming into school to speak to the pupils. It was a great experience for the children to learn about fire safety first hand from the trained professionals.”