London's Emergency Services made a combined show of strength with a simulation of how they would respond to an attack on the London Underground this afternoon [22 Feb].

Over 2,500 personnel from London Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Service, the Metropolitan Police and British Transport Police were involved in a trial run of their response should terrorists strike on the capital's transport network during this Summer's Olympic Games.

Speaking before the event, Olympic Security lead Chris Allison said: "We need to be confident that we have the right people in the right places, that we understand how others operate and that we are talking to each other at the right levels and in the right way.

"The initial incident will test the tactical response including evacuation of the station, rescuing injured people and managing the crime scene and go on to test how senior decision makers manage the impact of the incident and issues such as travel disruption, protest and organised crime which may impact on the smooth running of the Olympic Games."

Exercise 'Forward Defensive' forms part of a series of tests being put on by Olympic organisers to ensure they leave "nothing to chance".

The exercise was run at the disused Aldwych station and saw 'passengers' being evacuated from the tube using specialist urban search and rescue techniques, with LAS paramedics on hand to treat any 'injuries'.

Ministers recently increased the Olympic security budget to £553m London Mayor Boris Johnson, who was also in attendance said he was sure the demonstration would leave the world in no doubt that London was ready for the Games.

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