The Association of Metropolitan Fire and Rescue Authorities (AMFRA) represents the largest Fire and Rescue Services in the U.K.

We write following the recent pay offer for firefighters by the National Joint Council (NJC), Chaired by Cllr Nick Chard. The NJC decision was to award firefighters a 2% pay increase in 2017 with a further 3% with effect from 1st April 2018. Further increases for 2018 and 2019 will need to be determined. You will be aware this pay award has been approved on the Employers side subject to certain conditions being agreed with representative bodies.

The bravery and professionalism of firefighters is not in question. It has, however, been starkly exemplified during recent incidents.

Pay freezes, pay restraint and increases to pension contributions coupled with cost of living increases are causing real difficulties for our staff. This cannot continue indefinitely.

The Fire and Rescue Service can and will continue on its journey of reform, but this must be supported by Government and our staff appropriately recognised and remunerated. Implicit in the current pay discussions is the role of a firefighter and the desire to maintain a range of emergency medical responses being undertaken across the country. These include corresponding with ambulance services, dealing with cardiac arrests and falls responses to frail and vulnerable people. Firefighters are trained and competent to deal with these incidents and it is vital that we protect these life saving services through an adequate pay structure.

The Association of Metropolitan Fire & Rescue Authorities believes a pay increase for firefighters is long overdue.

However, FRA’s will find it very difficult to fund this pay award in full due to our financial constraints. We therefore call upon the Government to give financial assistance in supporting the additional 3% with effect from April 2018.

The Association of Metropolitan Fire & Rescue Authorities call on the Government to support our brave firefighters appeal for a fairer wage.

We look forward to a positive response.

Kind regards

Yours sincerely

Cllr Dave Acton - Greater Manchester

Cllr Dave Hanratty - Merseyside

Cllr John Edwards - West Midlands

Cllr Judith Hughes -West Yorkshire

Cllr Linda Burgess - South Yorkshire

Cllr Tom Wright - Tyne and Wear

This letter has the full support of Chairs of the Association of Metropolitan Fire & Rescue Authorities, which covers all our major Cities across England.