London Fire Brigade faced its busiest night in recent history. Fire crews attended a number of fires across the capital including huge blazes in Enfield, Croydon and Clapham Junction. Several serious fires were also attended in Ealing, Barking and Dagenham, Greenwich, Merton and Southwark.  

The brigade's 999 control centre answered 2,169 calls between 1800 on Monday night and 0719 on Tuesday. This is around 15 times the normal rate of calls the brigade would expect on an average day.  

Chairman and Leader of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, Cllr Brian Coleman, said: "Last night's events were unprecedented. We received thousands of 999 calls and our crews dealt with major fires right across London.  

"Our staff worked throughout the night and have shown nothing but dedication and absolute professionalism. They are a credit to the London Fire Brigade and a credit to the whole of London.  

"Those who are starting these fires deliberately are in danger of killing someone if this widespread, mindless thuggery continues. As we've seen in previous days, what starts as a bin or car fire can easily spread to nearby shops and homes."  

Fires over night 

For 'pumps' read fire engines.  


Major fires (4 fire pumps and above) attended:   

The brigade attended the following major fires between 2300 and 05:00  

  • 7 X Four Pump Fires  
  • 2 X Six Pump Fires  
  • 1 X Eight Pump Fires  
  • 1 X Ten Pump Fire  
  • 1 X Eleven Pump Fire  

The boroughs affected as a result of these fires were:  

Barking and Dagenham  

1 X Six Pump Fire @ 23:12  


1 X Four Pump Fire @ 20:35  

1 X Ten Pump Fire @ 20:54  

1 X Four Pump Fire @ 23:44  

1 X Six Pump Fire @ 04:13  


1 X Six Pump Fire @ 23:18  


1 X Eleven Pump Fire @ 23:49  


1 X Four Pump Fire @ 22:13  

1 X Four Pump Fire @ 00:04  


1 X Four Pump Fire @ 22:12  


1 X Four Pump Fire @ 03:07  


1 X Eight Pump Fire @ 00:07  

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