The All-Party Parliamentary Fire Safety and Rescue Group seminar to be held on February 6th at the House of Lords will be seeking to clarify if issues of policy or practice are helping or hindering fire and rescue services deliver a 'gold standard' of service.

The All-Party seminar, 'Fire Safety in Britain Today - A Suitable Case for Treatment', will be looking at what action should be taken to halt the unacceptable loss of life and property.

All-Party Secretary Ronnie King told FIRE: "As incidences of multiple fire fatalities in Britain remain high and insurers begin to consider some commercial fire risks as being 'uninsurable', is it time for a sea-change in how fire risk is approached in the UK?

"This latest seminar offers the opportunity for Fire Service and industry professionals alike to air their views on how best to tackle the issues raised and suggest ways in which government might better approach them."

Sub-titled 'Sprinklers save lives, property, money, jobs, communities, the environment: the evidence is compelling isn't it?', the event is jointly arranged with the National Fire Sprinkler Network and supported by the Business Sprinkler Alliance and Clarke UK Ltd.

Visit next week for exclusive comments from TV's Nick Ross and FIRE Editor Andrew Lynch on domestic sprinkler installations.


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