The fire service and police are to work more closely together to share information relating to crimes of arson. Chief Constable Stephen Otter and Chief Fire Officer Lee Howell have signed a Partnership Working Practice Agreement to tackle the issue. 

The agreement includes the immediate sharing of information through technology to automatically inform the police of every deliberately started fire. This will enable local police and fire officers to target prevention activities where they are most needed.  Other aspects of the agreement include a shared use of facilities and exploring the potential for future joint training initiatives.

Chief Fire Officer Lee Howell said: "This agreement builds on the strong working relationship we have developed over many years and ensures that we will work even more closely in the future to reduce arson and its impact on society. Every year in the UK, people are killed and injured through fires started deliberately - today marks our commitment to share intelligence and good practice to further reduce the number of people hurt and businesses affected by arson."

Chief Constable Stephen Otter added: "Police staff will have direct access to the locations of all deliberate fires. This approach will improve the accuracy of community risk profiles and result in targeted prevention activities being more effective."


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