POLON-ALFA is the leading Polish manufacturer and supplier of fire detecting and alarm systems. For more than 50 years the company has been developing its product portfolio and is able to offer a complete range of reliable fire control panels, detectors and auxiliary equipment.

At the moment POLON-ALFA manufacture both conventional and addressable systems based on thorough research and development surveys and state-of-art technology. The highest quality is guaranteed due to the internal demanding and severe quality control system based on ISO 9001 procedures, but including also its own test fire chamber that allows checking every single aspect of a device operation. All products are approved by an EU notified authorities with EC-Conformity Certificates that confirm that the goods meet the requirements of EN 54 standard.

The main focus is on addressable system development - the firm's proud is the interactive addressable POLON 4000 fire detecting and alarm system: a set of the newest generation equipment, designed for detecting and signalling a fire, informing appropriate intervention services (e.g. Fire Department), as well as for control of fire protection safety devices. It enables protection of mid-size, large and very large facilities. It is perfectly suited for operation in security installations in "intelligent" buildings due to its ability to transmit a great amount of digital information to integration and supervision systems.

The POLON 4000 is a detection system of a fire in its first development stage based on the concept of intelligent co-operation among its all elements. The applied unique signal transmission protocol used in control loops as well the appropriate programming of control panels and line elements enable interactive co-operation of the line elements with the control panel as well as among the line elements.

The company offers a wide range of detectors (operating in conventional and addressable detection circuits). They detect various fire factors: apart from devices detecting only one factor (smoke, flame, temperature), POLON-ALFA has worked out its own innovative multi-sensor detectors.

However, one of the company best sellers is the DOP-40R beam smoke detector - the device that is extremely suitable in large premises (concert halls, warehouses, churches, etc.), where, due to a huge area, installation of a greater number of spot smoke detectors would be necessary. A special laser target viewfinder is provided for precise alignment of the detector and the reflector optical path. This device guarantees long-lasting unfailing operation thanks to a built-in automatic compensation system for monitoring of dirt build-up on its optical system and compensation for environ impact conditions.

The detector is furnished with an adjustable sensitivity threshold system that allows the user to adapt the device to particular environment conditions.  It is equipped with fire alarm and fault relay outputs, which enable to operate in detector lines of any fire alarm system control panels as well as in burglar alarm systems.  At the same time, the DOP-40R beam smoke detector's price is very competitive, much below those quoted by other market players.

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