A free technical information sheet covering historic buildings and fire safety is now available.

The technical information sheet has been released by Chiltern International Fire on its website: www.chilternfire.co.uk.

Protecting heritage buildings from fire is one of the company's specialist areas of activity, explains Senior Consultant Peter Barker: "In the case of a historic building, the loss of any authentic fabric in a fire is irretrievable. It is vital therefore to minimise the likelihood of fire, by early elimination of major risks, or careful management and control over risks that cannot be eliminated."

The life safety of occupants, visitors and staff, he added: "must not be forgotten and indeed should take precedence when considering fire risk."

The essential components of a fire risk assessment and fire safety plan for an historic building can be broken down into four steps: preparation, prevention, protection and management.

To obtain a free copy email: cif@chilternfire.co.uk; or visit: www.chilternfire.co.uk.


Posted: 16.04pm, 30.03.11