Mailguard diagramMailGUARD+Plus is the simple and effective way to help protect vulnerable tenants from Arson / Anti-Social Behaviour type attacks. Used as a Target Hardening Tool.

Lockable Letter plate - The letterbox can be securely locked closed when required.

Anti-Arson - Non-combustible, self-extinguishing fabric (Withstands temperatures of 260 Degrees C) which contains and extinguishes fire, preventing it from spreading.

MailGUARD+Plus - Incorporates a heat detection tube (Extinguisher) which detects high temperature and immediately extinguishes the fire within the bag.

Security - Mail is kept out of sight, not on the floor where it is a clear indication to burglars that no one is in.

Convenient - The post can be retrieved easily without bending down to the floor, particularly helpful to those with mobility problems and wheelchair users.

Mailguard on doorLarge Capacity Bag - Accepts bulky items such as newspapers, magazines and even telephone directories.

Easy Installation - Easily fitted in minutes to almost any door, including uPVC using simple tools.

MailGUARD (Without Extinguisher) The MailGUARD product was made available as a lower cost alternative where Anti-Social Behaviour was the main threat.
We still recommend the MailGUARD+Plus where there is a High Risk threat to Life.

All MailGUARD Products can be easily removed and re-used.