Above: A Sky News Gathering Vehicle
with satellite system supplied and
supported by Primetech. Primetech is
using the knowledge gained supporting
High Definition news gathering and
transmission for Sky News to deliver HD video services to emergency services.

Primetech has announced that it is now able to supply systems giving firefighters the capacity to send full High Definition video from incident ground sectors to command vehicles and then on back into command headquarters over the Ka satellite system.

According to Henry Walker from Primetech: ‘Two areas have come together here. We have used our experience from providing satellite systems to Sky News, delivering daily high quality video technology from their vehicles to the broadcast studios, and taken that technology and implanted it into emergency service ICUs and HQs, so the emergency services are now able to do the same thing as TV broadcasters. We have brought the two industries together, allowing the emergency services to have the same high quality video as broadcast TV.’


For more information visit and watch a demonstration of Primetech's equipment in action at the Emergency Services Show 2013 below: