A poll of public sector managers carried out by Siemens IT Solutions and Services has found has revealed a preference for looking at end outcomes, rather than 'rules-based' procurement. It has also revealed enthusiasm for enhancing relationships with the private sector, the simplification of procurement legislation, having a more service user-orientated attitude and having less focus on frameworks and targets.

The results - gained at the recent Public Sector Efficiency Expo - also suggested that collaboration between the private and public sector needed to be seen as a genuine, transparent partnership rather than a simple business contract.

Siemens' Nick Sawbridge said: "Innovative technologies and collaborative working methodologies will be vital to the success of future public service delivery. Industry must lead in its understanding of this as the dynamics of pure procurement transactions move towards an outcome and solution based-focus

"There are very real bottom-line considerations in championing collaboration as an enabler of efficiency. Inclusive relationships at the start of projects or commercial engagement saves time, resources and expenditure further down the line. We also welcome the Cabinet Office's statement, in announcing the appointment of Crown Commercial Representatives who will oversee the relationships held by suppliers with a range of Departments, that 'any dealings with our big suppliers have to be coordinated and our approach has to be strategic'. A more joined-up approach all round has to be the right way forward."


Posted: 11.41am, 18.04.11

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