The T7 Communicator is a highly advanced body-worn communications, video recording and location device (drawing on the GPS, Glonass and Galileo satellite navigation systems). It can be used independently or as a component within Primetech’s MultiNet communications network, which combines mobile satellite broadband with 4G/LTE to seamlessly deliver comprehensive resilient communications coverage throughout the UK.

The Primetech T7 Communicator combines camera and locational functionality with the capability to allow responders to capture encrypted, time and date-stamped 4K Ultra High Definition video, stills and audio, linked through satellite, 4G/TE mobile and Wi-Fi systems, providing full comms coverage regardless of location.

The T7 Communicator is packed with cutting edge capabilities, including push-to-talk over cellular (POC), a distress alarm function, TFT monitor and the ability to capture HD still photographs. There are also ports for connecting a covert camera, for undercover operations, or an external earpiece.

The T7 Communicator secure docking stations support an intelligent data management system that automatically downloads encrypted files from up to eight, 28 or 50 bonded cameras simultaneously, with each downloaded file attributed to the individual user and ID number of the camera, time and date stamped for evidential trail purposes.

The encrypted files on each camera are further protected from power interruption and cannot be deleted from the camera until synchronising has been successfully completed. As well as supporting multiple body camera downloads, the T7’s Digital Evidence Management System allows playback of military-grade encrypted files, achieved via automatic network upload, and automatic recording classification.

“We are delighted to offer the T7 to all UK emergency services and responders,” said Henry Walker, director of Primetech UK Ltd. “This compact, powerful body-worn camera provides a powerful tool to support operations of all kinds and to aid post-operational analysis.”

Primetech’s MultiNet hub seamlessly delivers joined up communications regardless of location, meaning emergency services have access to a resilient, high capacity network for onward transmission of body worn video, audio, drone footage, vehicle-mounted cameras and incident management systems, supported by military grade encryption for additional security, in any location.



Free invites to international emergency management conference

Crisis management professionals are being invited to attend a unique international emergency management conference being held at the Bluepoint conference centre in Brussels on February 19-20. And it is free

The DRIVER+ Advanced Crisis Management Conference is the culmination of several years of work involving trials, demonstrations, technology assessments and research to accelerate innovation in crisis management throughout Europe, in particular in connection with climate change related-events such as wildfires and flooding.

The conference will provide a unique overview of how crisis management organisations can use the project’s outputs to select and evaluate solutions addressing identified crisis management gaps on a thorough, methodological basis. It will constitute an invaluable opportunity to access cutting-edge research, trial feedback and technological solutions, with assessment insights from leading researchers and practitioners.

DRIVER+ is an EU funded project tasked with promoting and testing new, science-based improvements in crisis management.

In a series of keynotes, plenaries and specialist demonstrations participants will learn about and experience actively the work and lessons learned of the DRIVER+ project teams:

  • The development of a scientifically based trial methodology, the DRIVER+ Trial Guidance Methodology for conducting trials of Crisis Management solutions and the Test-bed Technical Infrastructure (TTI) that underpins it;
  • Reports on the large-scale trials based on the TGM and TTI conducted in Poland, France, The Netherlands and Austria set up to assess technological and other crisis management solutions in realistic scenarios.

There will also be presentations on:

  • The establishment of an open, cooperative information-sharing network, the Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe (CMINE);
  • The DRIVER+ Portfolio of Solutions – an online database of crisis management technologies;
  • The establishment of a network of DRIVER+ Centres of Expertise to ensure the sustainability of project outputs.

Attendees will also have access to a solutions marketplace of technologies and tools tested at DRIVER+ Trials.

DRIVER+ Advanced Crisis Management Conference, Brussels, February 19-20.

To register, go to the ‘Final Conference’ section of the DRIVER+ website:



Association launches new Level 3 fire detection and alarm qualification

The Fire Industry Association reports on offering training to a new Level 3 qualification for the fire detection and alarm sector – the FIA AO Level 3 Fundamentals of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems in Non-Domestic Premises

This new qualification is designed to provide a concise and focused introduction to the fire detection and alarm (FD&A) sector. It is ideal for anyone looking for a qualification in fire detection, whether they already work in the industry or are just starting out in it.

The training comprises two x two-day training units with an open-book exam at the end of the second unit. Those who pass will gain a Level 3 qualification based on BS 5839-1.

Following the Grenfell Tower fire and subsequent Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety, along with listening to industry feedback, the FIA reviewed its current training and Level 3 qualifications available and identified the need for a more succinct Level 3 qualification focusing on the fundamentals of fire detection and alarm management.

FIA CEO Ian Moore says: “We have been running our Level 3 qualifications for over a year now and it is clear from the feedback a different style of exam is needed. Modern exam techniques focus more on where to find the information that is readily available (ie through the internet, manuals or standards) and not a memory test as I was used to ‘back in the day’. The new Fundamentals qualification will have an open book (BS 5839-1 or the FIA training manual) exam and having completed, what we consider to be world-class, training the learners will be able to approach the exam with confidence.”

It is widely accepted that a key way to demonstrate competency in FD&A is to be qualified to Level 3 and the FIA Awarding Organisation’s Fundamentals qualification has been developed to Level 3 and registered on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), equivalent to a Level 4 on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

For more information enroll on the two training units visit:



Location-finding app to improve emergency services

Capita plc reports on joining forces with location start-up what3words to help police and fire services respond to emergency incidents with precise accuracy – even when callers are unable to explain or describe where they are

What3word’s location-finding app will be integrated directly into Capita’s control room solutions – Vision Command & Control solution. When used in conjunction with Capita’s 999eye video streaming service, emergency services will be able to access both an accurate location and a live video link of the incident.

what3words is a start-up that has divided the world into three-metre squares, giving each one a unique three-word ‘address’. This in turn means that callers can use it to share their locations.

In an emergency situation, identifying precisely where help is needed is critical.

Prior to using what3words, multiple and potentially expensive resources would have to be dispatched – such as a helicopter fly-over or multiple vehicles being allocated to search a rough area – in order to try to locate the caller. At best, this can be frustrating, and at worst cost crucial minutes that could be the difference between life and death.

Now, where an emergency involves a location that is difficult to find, callers with the what3words app are able to give their three-word address that can then be used by the control room to identify their precise location and direct responders exactly to where help is needed. It is also useful for services passing the address between different communications platforms – like radios and mobiles – or between teams and other emergency services.

The integration of Capita’s 999eye and what3words into the same ‘command and control’ platform will allow dispatch personnel in control rooms to see what is happening in real-time, without having to use a separate system to look up the three-word location code.

It means services can respond more quickly, and with the right level of resources, potentially helping to save lives and reduce inefficiency.

Chris Baker, Executive Officer, Capita Software Solutions, said: “Uniting what3words’ location service with 999eye’s live video links into our platforms is the logical next step in pioneering control and command software.

“This partnership has the potential to save lives and transform emergency responses across the world. It is a testament to Capita’s commitment to creating better outcomes for our clients by investing in world-leading software and digital technology.”

Chris Sheldrick, Co-founder and CEO, what3words, said: “We know that being able to use what3words to identify locations for emergency situations is proving incredibly effective for services in the UK. It is therefore fantastic to have a key software provider like Capita, who many of these services use and rely upon already, building in the ability to input and discover three-word addresses as an integrated part of their Vision Command & Control solution. This means that many more emergency services can now use what3words to save time, resource and lives in emergency situations.”

Kathryn Billing, Interim Assistant Fire Chief, Cornwall Fire Service, said: “Having what3words integrated into Vision, our main mobilising system, will ultimately make this app a great asset to our Critical Control Centre. It will make it easier for us to coordinate our resources to the precise location where help is needed. With the app being integrated with our electronic systems, it will also make it easier to share key location information between our blue light colleagues, teams and partner agencies.”

The what3words app is free to download for both iOS and Android, or by browser, and works offline – making it ideal for use in areas with an unreliable data connection.



Celebrating 40 years of trading in Qatar

Bristol Uniforms reports on a successful 40-year partnership with its distributor, International Gulf Trading Company, which has seen it build a sound customer base and a strong reputation for quality in the region

International Gulf Trading Company is part of the Al Mana Holding. It is the region’s leading fire safety equipment and security solutions provider. Its capabilities range from the provision of sophisticated fire detection and firefighting systems for major high-risk, high-value installations to solutions for smaller industrial, commercial or domestic use.

Maged Hassaballah, Sales Manager of International Gulf Trading Company; Maher Alzaeem, Group CFO of Al Mana Holding; Hamad Al Mana, President of Al Mana Holding; Paul Gibson, International Sales Manager at Bristol Uniforms; Abdulrahman Al Mana, Board Member of Al Mana Holding; and Rami Batrawi, General Manager of International Gulf Trading Company


International Gulf Trading Company became a Bristol Uniforms distributor in 1979 and together we supply firefighter PPE to Qatar Civil Defense and the oil and gas industry in the region, including Qatar Petroleum and Qatar Gas.

A lunch and presentation took place at the Al Mana residence in Qatar’s capital Doha. Attending the celebration were Maged Hassaballah and Rami Batrawi of International Gulf Trading Company, Paul Gibson of Bristol Uniforms, and Maher Alzaeem, Hamad Al Mana and Abdulrahman Al Mana of Al Mana Holding.

Rami Batrawi, General Manager of International Gulf Trading Company, said: “As a total capability company, International Gulf Trading Company is ideally positioned to provide firefighter PPE to both the Civil Defence and the oil and gas industry in the region. Thanks to Bristol Uniforms, we are able to offer top-of-the-range PPE at a competitive price. We have formed an extremely productive partnership which continues to go from strength to strength. It was nice to mark the occasion, reflect on the last 40 years and look to our exciting future.”

Paul Gibson, International Sales Manager at Bristol Uniforms, said: “International distributors, such as International Gulf Trading Company, are an integral part of our business. They have extensive knowledge and a unique understanding of the markets they operate in. Their industry insight, and our quality firefighting PPE, are a winning combination. To mark this momentous occasion we presented an engraved Bristol Blue Glass plaque. Like our clothing, Bristol Blue Glass is world renowned and has been made in our city since the 1800s, therefore ideal to mark our successful, long standing partnership.”

Bristol’s ergonomically designed XFlex kit with distinctive sports styling, is very popular in this region. It enables excellent range of movement and flexibility, which helps firefighters carry out a variety of physical roles more effectively. In addition, its combination of protective and breathable light-weight materials offer maximum comfort and guard against heat stress, a major consideration in hot and humid countries like Qatar.



‘Big three’ take centre stage at Intersec 2020

Vimpex report on showcasing its ‘BIG 3’ at Intersec 2020 Dubai

The ‘BIG 3’ are great products and three great reasons to come and talk to Vimpex, Europe’s leading independent manufacturer and distributor of quality evacuation, signalling and building infrastructure system products for installers, distributors and OEM manufacturers.

Vimpex’s market-leading Identifire, Fire-Cryer and Smart+Guard ranges are on show at Intersec 2020 Dubai (January 19-21, Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 4, Stand C40).


The ‘BIG 3’

Identifire: The industry-leading, state-of-the-art Identifire range of 50+ evacuation and alarm sounders, beacons and system accessories are all manufactured in the UK by Vimpex. UL certified, their flawless functionality combines with sleek design to ensure easy installation. They can be customised and come with versatile flush or surface mounted options.

Fire-Cryer: The Fire-Cryer range of voice enhanced sounders, proudly manufactured by Vimpex in the UK, is the proven solution that reduces delay and evacuation response times, yet is as simple to install as electronic sounders. Fire-Cryer Solo provides the clearest, unambiguous voice message for communication at critical times.

Smart+Guard: The Smart+Guard range has been designed to protect essential fire and security equipment against unwanted false alarms. These toughened hinged protective covers can be easily installed over a range of emergency switches and other devices to provide protection from vandalism, accidental damage or misuse.

Established in 1994, Vimpex is the UK’s leading independent manufacturer and distributor of fire detection, alarm and evacuation products and accessories.