Tour test labs from anywhere

Gore report on having developed an innovative way of letting people take a digital tour through 20 of its specialist GORE-TEX test laboratories at any time from the comfort of their home or office

Every year, customers have the opportunity to visit the GORE-TEX labs to see how the quality, product performance and durability is measured and tested. With visits no longer possible in a global pandemic, the team came up with an inventive solution that lets people tour the labs at anytime.

Visitors can now take a digital tour through 20 GORE-TEX laboratories and almost 100 test stations for heat and flame, durability, biophysics, environment, as well as gloves and footwear.

Accessible via the GORE-TEX website – – visitors can walk through the labs and learn about test methods in a 360 view that allows them to click on various areas of the room for a full explanation of how tests and measurements are undertaken.

Visitors can now take a digital tour through 20 GORE-TEX laboratories and almost 100 test stations for heat and flame, durability, biophysics, environment, as well as gloves and footwear

The virtual experience explains 97 highlighted test methods and spanning waterproofness and breathability to flame resistance and comfort science.

Suzanne Prince, UK Fire Associate at W.L Gore & Associates, said: “This is a really innovative way to let our customers see our rigorous testing processes that ensure the lifetime performance of GORE-TEX products. Normally we would bring them to our laboratories in the USA and Germany for a guided tour, but during the pandemic we’re bringing the labs to them in a way that lets them move around the work areas in seconds and stop anywhere they want for an explanation of what’s going on.

“It’s a fantastic innovation that allows anyone with internet access to learn about the work that backs up our commitment to quality and lifetime performance of GORE-TEX products.”

Gore revolutionised firefighter protection in the UK over 30 years ago with the development of the first waterproof, breathable high performance protective GORE-TEX Moisture barrier in firefighter structural suits.

Gore’s multimillion dollar investment in research, testing and quality ensures that every product is fit for use throughout its operational lifetime – without fail. Gore only partners with garment suppliers that can guarantee the same total quality approach throughout the manufacturing process. The company combines material science expertise with a deep understanding of its markets to deliver solutions that meet the company ethos: ‘Together Improving Life’.

All Gore technical fire fabrics comfortably exceed International PPE performance standards and are certified to EN469, ASNZ4967 and the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, as well as NFPA 1951, 1999 and 1971. They maintain that level of performance thanks to outstanding resistance to wear and abrasion and the ability to consistently retain high breathability and waterproofness after exposure to extreme cold and heat. Gore products are renowned for their consistently reliable thermal stability.

To take the virtual lab tour visit: or scan the QR code:

Durable water-repellent finish brings new performance to PPE fabrics

Safety Components report on introducing PF Zero™ finish, the first non-fluorinated durable water-repellent finish developed specifically for PPE fabrics

With patented, high performance flame resistant outer shell fabrics like PBI Max™ and Armor AP™, thermal liners like Glide Ice™ and Prism™, and wildland/tech rescue fabrics like Sigma – more large metro cities specify and wear materials made by Safety Components than any other.

Guy Lucas, Business Development Director for Safety Components, stated: “We’d like to share with our first responder partners and customers a running change that is occurring with all of Safety Components’ flame-resistant materials, those requiring water resistance, sold under the NFPA 1971 and NFPA 1951 certifications. Our newest finish, called PF Zero, uses advanced technology that allows Safety Components the ability to employ a new water repellent chemistry that is sustainable and fluorine-free. This is a true game changer for the industry.”

PF Zero fabrics have been certified by UL as an approved replacement finish for fabrics sold by Safety Components under NFPA 1971/1951. Important performance characteristics such as flame resistance, TPP and THL remain the same for Safety Components fabrics regardless of the finish. While Safety Components has already started producing materials finished with

PF Zero, it could take several months for garments made with Safety Components PF Zero treated fabrics to filter through the supply chain and into the hands of first responders.

Safety Components operates as part of Elevate Textiles. Elevate and its premium brands are committed to improving sustainability for a lower carbon footprint as a cornerstone of every new product initiative. Safety Components’ newest PF Zero finish is a testament to that direction, requiring 15 per cent less energy to produce while enhancing sustainability to PPE.

Mr Lucas added: “For more than 100 years, Safety Component fabrics have represented high performance and innovation, and our commitment to first responders and the environment will always be at the forefront of our existence. PF Zero finish supports our longstanding core values with a renewed focus on a cleaner environment. As a global leader in technology-driven fabric solutions for first responders and military professionals, Safety Components won’t settle for anything less.”

Opening the door to infection control

Vimpe8orts on supplying Agrippa wireless acoustic fire door holders to hold open fire doors at the HQ of one of England’s largest housing associations to provide an easy and effective method of infection control, whilst not impacting on fire safety

A Covid-secure risk assessment identified the need to reduce the touching of fire door locks and door handles at the organisation’s administration offices by staff and visitors.

Reducing the spread of germs and bacteria has never been more critical. We identified self-closing fire doors that need constant handling to open them as having the potential to spread the virus. The Agrippa door holder provides an excellent, hygienic and legally compliant solution to holding open internal fire doors, supporting infection control without compromising fire safety.

Vimpex’s Agrippa wireless acoustic fire door holders offer the perfect wire-free solution to legally hold fire doors open, using digital wire-free technology to uniquely ‘listen and learn’ the sound of a specific fire alarm. This ensures the holder’s releasing trigger reacts only to the precise sound of the fire alarm rather than extraneous loud noises, so false activations are virtually eliminated.

While preventing door handle contact, the Agrippa door holder also increases room and building ventilation while improving visibility and accessibility to ensure social distancing is maintained.

The Agrippa fire door holder is the perfect solution to legally hold open fire doors in schools, care homes, hotels and office buildings, as well as many others. It is recognised by UK fire and rescue services including London Fire Brigade, is suitable for installation to BS 7273-4 Standard Actuation (Category B) and conforms to EN1155, and is CE marked.

For more information contact: Vimpex Limited +44 (0) 1702 216 999.