uniform datingDating website uniformdating.com has found that one in four Brits find firefighters appealing as a partner, making them the fourth most dateable uniformed profession.

The majority of those who voted for firefighters find them brave and courageous as well as the fact that they are physically fit.

Uniformdating.com’s Amy Coles believes that perceptions of uniformed careers can have the potential to hamper or enhance an individual’s chances at love.

She said: "It’s surprising to see so many members of the British public reverting to stereotypes when it comes to considering the relationship potential of those in uniformed careers.

"These professions attract many different types of people with varying skills and strengths as we can see from our own study of those in uniform on our site. In talking to many of the uniformed singles on our site, we have found one thing to be true – many are undoubtedly heroic in the work that they do and the services they provide."

In first and second place overall were doctors and nurses who were crowned the most appealing uniformed partners mostly because of their role to care and empathise.

Despite often working long and unsociable hours on the ward, 78% of those who find doctors the most appealing, said it’s because they are perceived as intelligent with 48% citing it’s because they are well paid.

Yet, just according to women, firefighters are the second most attractive uniformed career losing out to doctors. Of those who would not date a firefighter 47% are put off by the fact that it is a high risk and dangerous job whilst another 32% believe that the shift patterns that they work are unappealing.

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