Speed and safety are of the essence at any rescue scene. Holmatro's CORETM Technology has proven to be a major step forward in optimizing extrication procedures. Hydraulic rescue tools are safer and easier to operate using this advanced system of hoses and couplers.

Single hose  

A CORETM system consists of a single hose connecting the tool to the pump: a high pressure inner hose protected by a low pressure outer hose. This design significantly reduces the possibility of damage to the high pressure hose, increasing the safety of the rescuer. The inner hose is reinforced with para-aramid fibre instead of traditional steel reinforcement, reducing its weight up to 40%. Kinking of the hose is no longer possible and it is much easier to carry and handle. Effecively, the rescuer is left with a combined supply and return line in one hose, keeping the extrication scene less cluttered. 

Change under flow 

The second important feature of CORETM Technology is the unique coupling system, enabling the rescuer to change his tools under flow. The couplers at either end of the hose can be connected to the pump wether its running or not. Tools can be changed without operating a release valve on the pump. The system couples and locks in just one push (single-handedly) and has a safe two step uncoupling system.

Maintenance friendly 

The flat face CORETM coupler is easy to clean, preventing the risk of dirt getting in your hydraulic system.

No swinging pigtail hoses are necessary, as the coupler is mounted directly on the tool. This results in a more compact tool, saving space in rescue vehicles. The couplers are 360° rotatable, both on the pump and the tool, preventing hose entanglement.

Saving valuable time and manpower 

When every second counts, add up the time saved with CORETM Technology:
- No more running back and forth to the pump
- Less hoses to deal with
- Unrolling and rolling hoses much easier and faster
- One hand coupling while standing
- Changing tools under flow
- No manpower needed for selecting neutral on the pump
- No hose entanglement

Once working with CORETM, you will discover the unprecedented benefits it offers, here's a look at the system in action:


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