The cover lines of this edition say it all:

  • A global initiative to improve fire safety – highlighting a commitment to illuminate a fire safe world as part of the Decade of Action for Fire Safety (see pg 7)
  • Firefighters around the world unite – as war rages in Ukraine, we investigate how fire services have a great tradition of supporting each other in times of need (see pg 8)
  • One world: learning the lessons and sharing ideas – this revelatory investigation uncovers the value of collaboration on the development of fire and rescue operational learning, focusing on a pragmatic approach of what works as much as sophistication and advanced firefighting operations (see pg 13)
  • All-female fire crews around the world – in this ground-breaking report, Fire International unveils the long history and slow progress of all-female fire crews around the world, reflecting our drive to be more inclusive and progressive (see pg 17)

Add features on collaborating to tackle the deadly rise of wildfires, with the appeal to share knowledge and best practice to try and make a real difference (see pg 21); plus personal protective equipment focus (see pg 26) raising the level on technical rescue protection and tracking and management of PPE kit, and this edition tells the story of what we stand for as a publication.

Raising the Bar

Issued by FIRE magazine publisher, Fire Knowledge, Fire International is a recognised global brand that has been released selectively in recent years alongside global exhibitions such as Interschutz (see pg 41). As we seek to draw operational learning from a wilder field, collaborate on what works best and live up to the ‘Fire Knowledge’ billing, Fire International will be a regular fixture for our growing international subscriber base (see pg 4), published alongside FIRE magazine, the UK’s leading fire magazine.

Fire International is committed to making a significant contribution to the body of knowledge and expertise that will keep personnel at the cutting-edge of professional practice in the fire and rescue sector.

This will be achieved by:

  1. Keeping readers abreast of current affairs and leading professional practice in the sector
  2. Introducing new thinking and ideas into the sector
  3. Challenging current thinking, exploring new ideas and, in doing so, shaping the direction of the sector.

Share the Fire Knowledge

At the forefront of our thinking is sharing operational learning (see box on pg 16 on opening a dialogue with fire and rescue experts on sharing case studies and best practice), collaborating to ensure latest developments in firefighter and public safety are featured and debated (see comment, FIRE magazine pg 4) and fire safety messages are communicated effectively to prevent the relentless toll of avoidable fire deaths and ensuing negative social, economic and environmental impact (see pg 7 for the commitment to illuminating a fire safe world).

Fire International’s vision is to raise fire safety awareness and understanding in all parts of the globe whilst sharing operational learning, collaborating on firefighter and public safety, and promoting technological innovation and best practice. We invite you to join with us to help meet those challenges and raise the bar for fire and rescue provision the world over.