Date posted: 24.09.10

260 companies in the UK Fire Protection industry are worth a third less than they were a year ago, in the clearest indication yet of the damage the recession has wreaked on the market.

However, in a sign that the recovery is gaining traction, 289 companies in the market have actually increased in value.

David Pattison, author of a special report valuing the top 727 companies in the market describes how values are changing in the market. "It's certainly been a tough few years. Values have fallen markedly from their peak but the number of companies that are worth more this year than last is encouraging".

"In all we identified 289 companies that have increased in value - quite an achievement considering current market conditions. Their performance adds to the growing belief that the market has stabilised and companies with their house in order can once again prosper and add value".

However, as with all recoveries, there are those that struggle to recover as Pattison points out: "260 other companies have lost a third of their value in the latest year. They have such a lot of ground to make up, and many are in such dire straits that it is unlikely they will return to their former glory. The post recession market is so highly competitive I would expect a number of these companies to be bought out on the cheap or decline further, and eventually be wound up"

The new Plimsoll Analysis details which companies are prospering in the post recession market place, those set to be bought out and those heading for trouble - across the whole of the market and in the individual regions.

It gives an instant performance rating on 727 companies and highlights those ripe for acquisition. Each company is also valued to show the affect the recession has had on their worth and whether they are emerging or still bogged down.                            

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