The Fire Fighters Charity's new recycling scheme has exceeded expectations, generating a staggering £100,000 in the first six months.

Introduced in February last year, the scheme has raised a tremendous amount of funds, beating initial targets by over 30%. The success is largely down to the placement of textile banks on the forecourts of fire stations across the UK along with other community and council sites. The banks have helped raise over a third of the funds so far. The additional funds have been generated via household and schools' textile collections.

The Charity is expecting to double this figure over the next six months, predicting a grand total of £200k at the end of the financial year. For The Fire Fighters Charity, the key benefit of the scheme is that the income generation costs are very low. Costs between April and September worked out at just over £17k, making the net return an unbelievable £83k.

The Charity's Recycling Manager, Kevin Biles said: "Over the next few years there is plenty of potential for the scheme, particularly with the income that the charity can generate from placing textile banks on fire station forecourts. This is because these locations are outlets that other charities and recycling companies do not have access to."

Kevin went on to say: "The support we have received from Fire and Rescue Services so far has been outstanding."

Where it is safe and suitable to do so, Kevin is appealing to all Fire and Rescue Services across the UK, to consider the placement of textile banks on stations: "It's really easy to set up - cost free and requires very little time and effort. The charity's recycling partners carry out a risk assessment on all stations before the initial placement of the textile banks and also on the regular collections made. Once the textile banks have been placed, there is little the Brigade or Fire station needs to do as it is the responsibility of the recycling partners to service and maintain the bins and carry out the collections."


To discuss recycling opportunities whilst raising valuable funds for The Fire Fighters Charity, call Kevin Biles on 01256 366 566 or email


Date posted: 7.1.11 





Between April and September 2010, the five brigades which generated the most charitable funding through recycling are:


  • West Yorkshire  £5,700
  • Cambridgeshire  £3,200
  • Northamptonshire  £2,200
  • Buckinghamshire  £2,000
  • Bedfordshire  £1,700