Nearly £20 million of damage will be caused as a result of romantic gestures going awry this month according to a new survey conducted by insulation manufacturer Rockwool.

Their poll (conducted by ICM) of 2,000 people nationwide showed that over 26,000 fires are anticipate to result over Valentine's month from candles and incense sticks light to furnishings at an average cost of £739 property getting damaged.

Paula Bateman, Corporate Affairs Director, Rockwool commented:  "Millions of people will turn to candles and incense sticks to create a romantic atmosphere this Valentine's Day. However, when left unattended naked flames can quickly result in a romantic gesture turning into a domestic disaster."

To raise awareness of how the spread of fire can be contained through use of non-combustible insulation, Rockwool has produced series of videos entitled 'Does it Burn?'.

In the videos valuables including £1,000, an iPad and a box of chocolates have been placed in a mini-house created entirely from Rockwool's non-combustible insulation, which is then engulfed in flames.

The Rockwool mini-house is on fire with a box of chocolates inside  To find out if they survive go to 

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