kingswood fire 180Kingswood Fire Station has opened its doors for the first time since May 2014 after Avon Fire & Rescue Service completed a £1.6m job to expand and upgrade facilities.

The newly refurbished fire station is home to two fire engines, a command unit and a command support unit. It also has a community safety centre for use by the members of the public and £1.05m grant from the Government has contributed largely to the costs.

Chair of Avon Fire Authority, Councillor Terry Walker, said: "Since 2010 we have made £6.6 million of savings and efficiencies with further annual savings of £4.5 million needed in order to deal with the reductions we face in our budget over the next few years.
"We have so far been able to make these savings without the need for compulsory redundancies and ensuring that frontline services are protected. Through our Investing for the Future programme we are committed to ensuring we continue this pledge. The new Kingswood Fire Station provides state-of-the-art facilities and ensures the excellent service we provide to the community continues."

As part of Avon Fire & Rescue Service’s Investing for the Future programme, the expansion of Kingswood Fire Station has enabled its merger with nearby Speedwell Fire Station, which has now closed.

CFO Kevin Pearson added: “The reopening of the newly refurbished Kingswood Fire Station marks the completion of the first of a number of improvements we are making under our Investing for the Future programme. The station has been brought right up to date to provide a great working environment for our staff. It also has a community room which offers free meeting space and access to IT facilities completely free of charge.
“Although Speedwell Fire Station has closed response standards for the area remain unchanged. Fire engines will continue to respond to all 999 calls within eight minutes. The Speedwell Fire Station site will be sold to Bristol City Council and their plan is to build an educational establishment there. This will be a fantastic asset for the local community so we are pleased the site will continue to serve local people in a positive way."

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