Social Networking is being used to repair the damage done across London and the UK, with groups tagged #riotcleanup being created on both Facebook and Twitter.

The initiative was started by community worker Dan Thompson during the third night of trouble, and is being used as a way to organise voluntary efforts to clean up the capital.

The #riotcleanup tag on Twitter is being followed by the likes of Simon Pegg, Ken Livingstone and John Prescott. As of the early afternoon, meanwhile, the Facebook page ( has over 7,300 likes.

In an interview given to The Guardian Dan Thompson said:"There are now people on the ground all across London. Even just putting on some gloves, picking up a dustpan and brush, and clearing one broken window on the way into work. People are saying, 'We're Londoners, we're resilient and getting on with it.'"

"It's local traders who need help. Councils have done a good job getting the streets clear and removing a lot of the debris. Local shops find that harder."


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