This year's conference on Fire-Related Research and Developments (RE11) takes place on November 17 at the Fire Service College. Organiser Dr Anne Eyre previews the event.

Working with informed understanding, developing effective and efficient working practices and applying evidence-based solutions. If these key principles matter to you, you will be interested in the papers and posters to be presented at the next conference on Fire-Related Research and Developments. Programme details are available on the event's dedicated website and delegates are now being invited to register online.



Joint support in the running of this event continues to come from the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) and the Fire Service College. A special hallmark of the event is the sponsored Gore/FIRE Magazine Research Excellence Awards, to be presented at the event to those oral and poster presentations demonstrating excellence and originality.


International Presenters

This year's programme includes presenters from fire and rescue services, universities and other organisations across the UK as well as researchers and practitioners from other parts of Europe and North America.

In a session on Research with Fire Service Personnel, Professor Fred Malven of Iowa State University, will discuss his research which emphasises relationships between the work of architects and interior designers and the safety of spaces they create, especially in terms of fire safety. As well as being an academic, Fred is Assistant Chief for Special Operations for the Nevada (Iowa) Community Fire Department. Since 1982, he has been an Adjunct Instructor for the National Fire Academy, Emmitsburg, Maryland (US), participating in the development and delivery of courses on building construction and fire operations for firefighters and programmes on fire-safe building design for architects and designers.


Fire Services During Economic Austerity

Professor Bob England and Dr Tony Brown, both of Oklahoma State University, will discuss their research examining the extent to which the sagging economy has impacted the delivery of fire services in large US cities. Since December 2007 many metropolitan fire departments have been forced to engage in cutback management to balance budgets. Local newspapers tell stories of layoffs, reducing employee benefits, and closing sub-stations. 

Using survey data gathered from metropolitan fire departments, their research has systematically studied responses by metropolitan career fire departments to financial stress. Recessions are not new to the US economy. During a significant downturn of the economy in the 1970s extensive literature was developed outlining how local governments at the time responded to financial pressures by doing more with less and engaging in cutback management. The present study is placed within this larger cutback management theoretical framework and has obvious implications for the UK context.

In the same session a team from Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service will address the question of fire service cover during these times of economic hardship. They will present a case study of the preparation and development of the ongoing Fire Cover Review (FCR) arising out of the Integrated Risk Management Planning (IRMP) process applied across Nottinghamshire by the service. The overall aim of the research is to investigate the practical implementation of the IRMP to a FCR in a period of significant and ongoing resource reduction.


The Benefits of Fire Investigation

Group Manager Mark Hobbs of East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service will give a presentation highlighting the benefits of fire investigation by portraying as a journey the lessons identified following a fatal fire that occurred in Eastbourne in May 2009. After this fire, which involved an electrical intake, these types of fire were monitored in East Sussex over a 12-month period while more detailed fire investigation was conducted at the scenes.

The study has found that the occurrence of fires involving electrical intake equipment is a significant and consistent problem. The electrical industry is aware of this issue and as well as confirming that it is a national problem has welcomed this research. Through an industry group (MOCOPA) a number of the recommendations made in Mark's report are now being progressed. CFOA have agreed a position statement and circular on this work with a number of workstreams being implemented.


Over 25 Presentations to Choose From

A particular feature of this annual event is the breadth of subjects covered from within and across a range of disciplinary fields. This year's programme is structured around parallel sessions so as to enable delegates to choose from over almost 30 presentations covering a very broad scope of topics. As well as the formal presentations the event includes a display of posters.

The event finale will be the presentation by representatives from Gore and FIRE Magazine of awards for the most captivating spoken and poster presentations.


Register Now

For more details about these and other presentations which make up the programme for RE11, and to make your booking online, please go to:  https://www.eventsforce.



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