FIRE & Gore present the Risk versus Results Roadshows: Is Overprotection Costing Lives? 

In late 2011 and early 2012 FIRE Magazine and WL Gore and Associates teamed up to facilitate a series of free regional seminars to debate the balance between meeting ever-increasing health and safety regulations and saving lives.

The four one-day seminars from Gatwick, Birmingham, Stirling and Manchester featured sessions that examined modern protection standards and systems, and the view that the Fire Service may have become too risk-averse in order to protect itself from litigation.

Speakers including CFO Mark Jones, product specialist Dave Frodsham and Effective Firefighters Project lead Bill Gough who alongside other senior fire officers and experts in the field of firefighter protection, helped to provide a valuable insight into strategies for balancing risk and operational success.

Here you can see a selection of the best presentations from the event along with a roundup video of all the key speakers in action:



Click the link above to view Dave Frodsham's presentation: Balancing Thermal Protection & Comfort (Lack of Discomfort!)




Press play to watch full highlights of the Gatwick Risk versus Results Roadshow (warning: video may be slow to load) 















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